Our purpose is simple: books of poetry and fiction that kick against 21st century cultural hegemony.

FICTION: Our fiction has integrity which means it is true to itself, its subject and its telling. It has the honest dirt of anguish and optimism under its fingernails. It will agitate. It will soothe.

POETRY: Our poetry does not express the party line. If our poetry is even at the party it is in the corner, watching everything, seeing everything; even that stain on the curtains.


Out the Snout is our monthly podcast – a spoken word night recorded live at the fabulous Angel Coffee House in the historic city of Lincoln, UK. On the first thursday of the month we bravely stick our snouts into the ether of creativity and mayhem and take a big boarish sniff! Hosted by the 2 boars, Guy and Richard, expect our unique brand of chaos along with readings of poetry and fiction, as well as book bingo and other wild boar musings. Listen in and join the truffle hunt!

Listen to our podcast: Out the Snout

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