Call for Submissions! Closing date September 30th

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WILD BOAR BOOKS are getting ready to start work on our next publication –  it’s going to be an anthology. An awesome anthology, and we want to hear from you.

What we want

We are keen to hear from writers of both poetry and fiction who are from LINCOLNSHIRE or who are currently living here.

We want to compile an anthology of writing from Lincolnshire. It doesn’t have to be about Lincolnshire – just by people who are from the county or have a connection with it. We are looking for exciting pieces, wild pieces, pieces that are honest, authentic and unsettling that will make the reader think ‘wowzers, that’s brilliant!’

WILD BOAR BOOKS want to advocate for this small corner of the universe that is so easily forgotten. We believe there are hidden voices just waiting for an opportunity to shout their weird and wonderful truth to the world. Wild Boar Books want these kind of writers and we want to put them together in an anthology.

What we are looking for


Short stories of up to 5000 words: exciting, wild, unsettling.

Double spaced, 12 point, author name and contact in the footer of each page.

Include a brief cover letter about yourself as a writer and your life and connection with Lincolnshire.


Up to 5 poems. Author name and contact in the footer of each page. No line limit.

Include a brief cover letter about yourself as a writer and your life and connection with Lincolnshire.

When & How

Please make your work as polished as possible. The closing date for submissions is 30th September 2017. Send your writing to:

Go on, tickle our snouts!

Out the Snout!

out the snout 2bSo our launch night happened on May 4th. What a wild night it was! Everybody seemed to enjoy the Wild Boar Koolaid that was being passed around and all of the truffles too. We have certainly laid our scent and we pretty much sold out of our books. It wasn’t just about the boars though – we also had some great readings; poetry, journalism and stories were on the menu.

Now our attention is turning to the next night of spoken word mayhem; June 1st, 6.30-8.30, live from the fabulous Angel Coffee House in Lincoln. There’ll be some more great readings from the lovely people of Lincoln and there will once again be the chaos of book bingo and prizes and did we mention chaos?

The real exciting news is that we are planning on turning Out the Snout into a podcast so that our spoken word exploits can be enjoyed by the whole world. We’re in the early planning stages right now but we’ll be letting you know when the podcast is fully operational.

In the meantime take a look at some of the pictures from our launch night. Why not join us for one of our therapy sessions? First thursday of the month. Get Out the Snout!

Wild Boar Books: First publications

Poetry: Onesie by Guy Wilgress Hudson Guy portrait

Guy was a huge part of Lincoln’s nascent poetry scene and was the proprietor of an independent bookshop just a short distance from the splendour of Lincoln Cathedral. He reads runes and is studying at Lincoln University.

Onesie is his first collection for Wild Boar Books. The Onesie is not simply an item of clothing. It is a kaleidoscopic filter through which to view our unsettled world. Climb in and zip up.

Guy Hudson straddles the fence between town and gown. This is work by a dedicated and crafty poet who has stuck to his guns whilst others left the scene with nothing more to say. His perseverance should earn him a medal if he believed in such things. Certainly he has struck gold in this selection of his poems.

Dr Keith Armstrong, author of The Month of the Asparagus

 Available from May 4th: Amazon


Fiction: Our Bright Dark Summer by Richard Daniels

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Richard has been producing the pulp fiction zine, Venusian Astro Dirt, for the last 2 years. Recently he has written a play, The Grindhouse, which received Arts Council funding and was performed at the New Theatre Royal in Lincoln.

Our Bright Dark Summer is Wild Boar Books first prose publication. Available from May 4th: Amazon

Nails always said that Summer Land was cursed from the very beginning. Maybe he was right. A dead theme park, slowly rotting away is the perfect place to hide ghosts and traumas and kidnap victims.

Jimmy Benson knows the past is always your shadow and the older you get the darker the shadows become. That’s why he will return to Summer Land. It might be the only chance he has for redemption – if he can keep the kidnapped girl safe. Safe from Nails, safe from ghosts, safe from the past.

Fun and thrills by the sand. It’s waiting for you at Summer Land.

Wonderfully unsettling. A brilliant, breakneck ride that demands your attention from start to finish. Tiffany Scandal, author of Shit Luck & Jigsaw Youth

obds cover